Card Tips:Left Arm Offering

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  • On the turn before using this card, Set Spell/Trap cards in order to minimize the amount you will banish.
  • This card can help "D.D." Decks by banishing cards that benefit from being banished.
  • This card can be used to add "Chaos End" to the player's hand and help meet its requirements.
  • Use this card to search "Reinforcement of the Army" from your Deck, then use the latter to bring a "Blade Knight" from your Deck. Due to banishing your entire hand upon using this tactic, you end up with an empty hand upon Summoning "Blade Knight", whose ATK increases to 2000. In addition, "Reinforcement of the Army" is currently Limited, whereas this card isn't, hence no synergy is lost in this combo.

Traditional Format[edit]

  • Use this card to banish multiple "Dragon Rulers" at once, in order to trigger the last effect of each "Dragon Ruler", searching not only a Spell Card, but one to four monsters as well, depending on the number of banished "Dragon Rulers".