Card Tips:Light of Intervention

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  • This card works well with "Raviel, Lord of Phantasms, because it forces your opponent to Normal Summon the monsters they would Set to create more "Phantasm Tokens" to strengthen "Raviel".
  • This card is useful for archetype Decks that rely on Counters such as "Alien" or "Venom" Decks.
  • This card is equally as handy with "Destiny End Dragoon" or the "Armed Dragon" series, as it forces your opponent to have their monsters face-up, allowing yourself to destroy them and (in the case of "Destiny End Dragoon") inflict damage.
  • This card works well with "Morphtronics" because it let yourself chose to Summon them in face-up Defense Position, so there is no need to wait to flip them face-up later.
  • This card can destroy a Deck that relies on monster effects that require being flipped face-up, such as "Needle Worm", "Swarm of Locusts" or "Guardian Sphinx", as they are unable to get face-down in the first place to flip face-up.
  • This card can combo with "Unleash Your Power!" to prevent your Gemini monsters from being flipped face-down by the card's effect.
  • This is good to use with cards that have low Attack, but need to be Normal Summoned to gain their effects like "Vortex Trooper" and "Poison Draw Frog".
  • Use this card to ensure that "Infernity Guardian" is Normal Summoned face-up and in Defense Position, thereby guaranteeing that it cannot be destroyed.
  • This card works perfectly with "Lightning Vortex" because monsters on your opponent's side of the field can only be face-up. Beware your opponent can also use "Lightning Vortex".
  • Combo this card with "Queen of Thorns", forcing your opponent to pay 1000 Life Points each time they Normal or Special summon non Plant-Type monster from their hand.
  • This card makes it nearly impossible for "Ghostricks" to Summon, effectively neutralizing the Deck.
  • Because this card allows you to Normal Summon and Special Summon (with cards like Premature Return ) in Face Up Defense Position, you don't need to summon it in attack position in order to activate monsters effects or wait 1 turn to Flip Summon a monster.