Card Tips:Lucky Punch

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  • Use this card with "Dueltaining" and "Second Coin Toss". When your opponent attacks, you will flip a coin 6 times, meeting "Dueltaining's" 4th condition. And if you manage to get 3 heads the second time, you will draw a total of 5 cards.
  • "White Dragon Ninja" can also prevent this card from being destroyed.
  • "Hope for Escape" can live up to its name if you suffer this card's negative effect, as the draw can give you a chance to turn the Duel around.
  • If you get 3 tails in this card's coin toss, you could chain "Trap Stun" and negate the effect that would destroy this card and provoke the austere LP loss. This is quite a handy strategy, though, as your opponent would be unable to use Trap Cards for one turn due to "Trap Stun"
  • Since its effect will trigger from its destruction, you can use cards like "Emergency Provisions" to send this card to the Graveyard instead.
    • Note that if you chain "Emergency Provisions" to this card's effect, its effect won't be applied since Continuous Trap Cards must remain on the field to resolve.
    • You can also use "Magic Planter" to remove this card and draw more cards, without suffering from its the ill effects.
  • This card is a great Draw Engine, but only when the coins are in your favor. With three coins at a 50% chance, you have a 12.5% chance (or 1-in-8) of drawing per attack... and a 12.5% chance of losing this card and taking a 6000 LP loss...