Card Tips:Machina Peacekeeper

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  • By using "Machine Duplication", you can summon all 3 copies of this card from your deck to the field at once. Then, if they're all destroyed, you can search your deck for 3 copies of "Machina Gearframes" and add them to your hand. On your next turn, you can Normal Summon one of them, use its effect to add "Machina Fortress" to your hand, and then discard it together with one "Gearframe" to Special Summon "Fortress", allowing you to get a highly powerful monster out extremely quickly.
    • Afterwards, you can either equip "Gearframe" to "Fortress" to make it even harder to destroy, or if you have a clear shot and "Limiter Removal" in hand, go for an OTK right then and there.
  • This card's effect will still activate if it is destroyed while equipped. Thus, you can save your monster from being destroyed without losing card advantage. (Search out "Machina Gearframe" for an even better advantage.)
  • While this card is a Machine and can only equip to Machines, it doesn't strictly have to support only Machines. This card can search out any Union monster regardless of type, level, etc.

Traditional Format[edit]