Card Tips:Madolche Queen Tiaramisu

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  • With "Madolche Chateau" on the field, any "Madolche" monsters targeted will be returned to the hand instead of the Deck. This will provide even greater card presence, in addition to sending opponents' cards to the Deck.
  • Even if there are no "Madolche" monsters in the Graveyard, as long as you have a "Madolche" Spell or Trap to target in the Graveyard you can target one of the detached Xyz Materials and return it to the Deck.
  • Keeping several copies of "Overlay Regen" in your deck will help you keep using this card's effect without sending more Madolche monsters to the Graveyard.
  • Use cards like "Hand Destruction" to set some "Madolche" monsters in the Graveyard and draw cards.