Card Tips:Magical Spring

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  • This card's second effect can be used against "Artifact" Decks, preventing the destruction of your opponent's Spell/Trap Cards, thus preventing from special summoning themselves.
    • Since this card is a Quick-Play Spell Card, activate it during your opponent's End Phase, preventing them from Chaining with any cards that destroy their Spell/Trap Cards (but only cards they Set that turn).
  • Use cards in chain to this card that will negate your opponent's face-up Spell/Trap Cards, such as "Royal Decree". Because they are still face-up, this card's effect will count them however they will also have no effect and cannot be destroyed for a turn or two.
  • In order to reduce the number of cards you need to discard, try chaining Quick Effects of monsters you control or in your Graveyard to this card's activation so it leaves the field before its effect resolves.
  • This card could also fit in some Exodia decks, or at least as Side Deck. Most of the times, Exodia decks don't need face-up Spell/Trap cards so you won't be discarding many cards, but you'll be drawing plenty of cards especially against decks that use Pendulum Zones.
  • If your opponent uses Wavering Eyes and has face-up Pendulum Monsters being treated as Spell Cards, chain this card to that card to prevent your opponent from getting its benefits, as well as drawing at least 2 cards.