Card Tips:Man-Eater Bug

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  • Avoid flipping "Man-Eater Bug" while your opponent has no monsters or you'll have to destroy one of your own.
  • It is generally considered better to play "Old Vindictive Magician" than "Man-Eater Bug" because Spellcasters have arguably more support, and "Apprentice Magician" is insanely easy to play. After having any number of "Apprentice Magician" destroyed by battle, simply summon a "Old Vindictive Magician" to destroy the monster giving you trouble.
  • Using "Verdant Sanctuary", you can add another copy of this card to your hand from your deck as soon as the first one is destroyed, provided it wasn't destroyed while face-down.
  • Use this card to destroy "Yubel", so you can Special Summon its advanced forms.
  • You can use "Book of Moon" to flip this card face-down again.

Traditional Format[edit]