Card Tips:Mermaid Archer

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  • Because "A Legendary Ocean" downgrades the Level of all Water Monsters in the hand or field by one, it can make any Level 4 Water Monster a legal target for this card's effect.
  • You could also equip Level 3 or lower Vylon or Dragunity monsters and get their effects as well.
  • "Shaddoll Falco" is one of the best choices to equip this card, as it will Special Summon Itself from the Graveyard when destroyed by "Mermaid Archer's" Effect.

Traditional Format[edit]

  • Activate this card's effect after using "Brain Control" on an opponent's Level 3 or lower monster to prevent that monster from returning back to the opponent's side at the End Phase.
  • This card works well with "Sinister Serpent" since it can be equipped for the ATK boost and it will be sent to the graveyard in place of "Mermaid Archer". Afterwards, you can return Sinister Serpent back into your hand.