Card Tips:Message in a Bottle

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  • As this card does not restrict Tribute Summons, any of the "Egyptian Gods" or "Wicked Gods" can easily be Summoned with this card. Their power may compensate for the 4000 Life Point loss. Also, you do not have to specifically use the three monsters for an Xyz Summon nor use all three as Xyz Materials, so you could use one of them and an existing monster, or none of them at all, to Xyz Summon and still get to use the remaining monsters.
  • If an Xyz Summon is negated after the player have used this card, they unlikely will have means to attempt another Xyz Summon, resulting in the 4000 LP loss during the End Phase.
  • If Level 5 or higher monsters are Summoned using this card, one may Normal Summon "Heraldic Beast Berners Falcon" to set their Level/s to 4, allowing access to Rank 4 Xyz monsters.
  • In a "Super Quant" Deck, this card can be used to quickly Summon the three "Super Quantum" monsters, and then a "Super Quantal Fairy Alphan" can be used to make their levels all the same to allow for easy Xyz Summons. Any "Super Quantum" monsters not used for an Xyz Summon can be attached to a newly summoned "Super Quantal Mech Beast" Xyz Monster to allow more usage from its effects.

Traditional Format[edit]

  • "Painful Choice" can be used to quickly fill the Graveyard with potential targets for this card.