Card Tips:Mirage Knight

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  • Note that this card gains the original ATK of the monster it battles, not its current ATK. Beware when attacking monsters with low original ATK with effects that can boost it very high, such as "Great Maju Garzett".
  • You can double this card's effect and inflict heavy damage with "Honest".
  • You can intentionally have "Dark Flare Knight" destroy itself in battle to Special Summon this card (note that its effect reduces your battle damage to 0). To get a monster stronger than "Dark Flare Knight" to your opponent's side of the field, you can use "Lava Golem" to remove an opponent's troublesome monster(s) or have "Dark Flare Knight" simultaneously weaken and protect itself with "Forbidden Lance".
  • Use "Battle Mania" or "Staunch Defender" to force your opponent to attack this card, triggering its effect and inflicting a huge amount of battle damage as well as destroying your opponent's monsters.