Card Tips:Mischief of the Yokai

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Synchro Summoning Tips[edit]

  • Your opponent's attempts at Synchro Summoning monsters can be ruined, and then destroy the Synchro Materials on your turn.
    • In addition to that, after this card is used it can possibly be used on one of your own monsters to Synchro Summon a more favorable Synchro Monster.
  • One possible way of using this card is to power up your "Junk Warrior". By reducing the Level of high ATK Level 3 and 4 monsters, such as "Gene-Warped Warwolf", "Junk Warrior" can get a very high attack.

Xyz Summoning Tips[edit]

  • This card can be used to help with Xyz Summoning a specific monster if your Levels do not match with your Xyz Monster's Rank; alternatively, it can be used if there are monsters on your opponent's field of the same Level, to disrupt their Xyz Summon.
    • This is especially useful against an opponent using "Rescue Rabbit". They lose the monsters at the end of the turn if they do not use them.
  • The lowest a non-Xyz Monster's Level can be is Level 1. This card can be used to change Level 2 and 3 monsters into Level 1s for a Xyz Summon of a Rank 1 Monster.
    • Xyz Summoning "Baby Tiragon" can allow yourself to use its effect on another monster affected by this card in order to allow it to attack directly.
      • Combining this card with "Pain Painter" in a Zombie Deck can make any 2 Zombies Level 2 for the remainder of the turn. Using this after will make "Pain Painter" and those two Zombies into Level 1 for Xyz Summoning "Tiragon".
        • If another monster is used instead for the Xyz Summon, one of the reduced Zombies can have their effect to attack directly due to the effect of "Tiragon".
        • Combining "Pain Painter" with "Tiragon" is a highly efficient alternative to "Opti-Camouflage Armor" in a "Wight"-based Deck.

Using on Your Monsters[edit]

  • Use this card with "Gravity Bind" to be able to attack while "Gravity Bind" is active.

Using on your opponent's Monsters[edit]

  • Having this card in the Graveyard can provide a handy out to a face-up "Spirit Reaper" on your opponent's field, because its second effect targets.
  • This card can be chained to the effect of "Level Eater" to make it lose its target, if the target of "Level Eater" is Level 5 or 6.

Other Tips[edit]