Card Tips:Mist Valley Thunder Lord

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  • Use with "Mind Control" to make your opponent lose a monster, and this card gains 500 attack.
  • Since "Divine Wind of Mist Valley" can only be used once per turn, use this card to return it to your hand. Combo this with "Mist Condor" so you can easily swarm your opponent and thin your deck.
    • This card is also capable of triggering the effect of Divine Wind during your opponent's turn, so you can swarm the field with even more monsters.
  • "Mist Valley Thunder Lord" can destroy "Ally of Justice Catastor" in battle using "Fiendish Chain", a very common card in "Mist Valley" decks. It negates the effect of "Catastor" and bypasses the destructive effect, so in damage step bounces back the "Fiendish Chain" and destroy it in regular battle.
  • You can chain the effect of "Mist Valley Thunder Lord" to any effect that targets another card you control such as "Mystical Space Typhoon" to save your card and make them waste theirs.
  • Use "Call of the Haunted to summon "Mist Valley Falcon" then use a second "Call of the Haunted" or "Limit Reverse" to summon a level 3 Tuner to summon "Mist Valley Thunder Lord". You can then return both Continuous Trap Cards to your hand later with the effect of "Mist Valley Thunder Lord". giving you a strong Synchro Monster for free.
  • Use "Call of the Haunted" to Special Summon "Sacred Crane", then return "Call of the Haunted" to your hand with this card's effect. You will draw a card with the effect of "Sacred Crane; this can be done every turn to draw more cards.
  • Use this card's effect during the Damage Step instead of during your Main Phase to avoid taking extra damage from cards like "Magic Cylinder".
  • If a monster you control is targeted for an attack, you can use this card's effect to return it to the hand during the Damage Step to keep it from being destroyed by battle; the attack will fizzle, and since Replays can only be triggered during the Battle Step your opponent's monster won't be able to attack again either. This can also be used to save a monster you're attacking with if your opponent uses an effect during the damage step that would result in your monster being destroyed, such as Forbidden Lance.