Card Tips:Ojama Delta Hurricane!!

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  • Once all of the opponent's cards are destroyed, fuse the three "Ojama" monsters into "Ojama King" to block the opponent's Monster Zones and to serve as a defense.
    • Use "Ojama Trio" prior to doing this to block off all five of their Zones at once (and power up the "King" with "Ojamuscle" when ready to go on the offensive).
  • A particularly strong method for this is to use "Ojama Country" with "Ojamagic" to revive an "Ojama" monster, then Normal Summon "Ojama Red" to bring out the rest of the required "Ojama" monsters. Note that this requires the player to have no filled Monster Zones at the beginning of their turn.
  • use "Tri-Wight" to Special Summon the necessary "Ojama" monsters and use this card to nuke the opponent's field.
    • Additionally, use "Polymerization" to Special Summon "Ojama King" first and produce the targets for "Tri-Wight".
  • It may be beneficial to add 2 "Ojama Delta Hurricane!!" to your hand using the effect of "Ojama Blue" as "Hurricane" doesn't send the "Ojama" monsters to the Graveyard, so it can be played more than once! So if the first "Hurricane" was negated; there will be another in your hand.