Card Tips:Pendulum Switch

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  • Use this card in "Dinomist" decks and take advantage of "Dinomist Howling";or else this card can be used to protect any of your "Dinomist" monsters.
  • "Amorphage" Decks can make heavy use of this. High Level monsters can be placed in the Pendulum Zone, then Summoned by this as most of their Levels fall outside the scales the Deck provides or it can simply be used to switch around the Pendulum Scales (and by extent what floodgate effect) is active.
  • Use this card to take advantage of the effect of "D/D/D Oblivion King Abyss Ragnarok", either as a Scale or as a monster. Also, "D/D Savant Kepler" can be protected and re-use its effect each turn.
  • "Pendulum Magician" Decks can use this card to prevent destruction of cards in Pendulum Scale or in the Monster Zone. High Level Monsters such as Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon can be put in the scale and summoned to the Monster zone using this cards effect during either players turn.
  • Use this cards effect with Oafdragon Magician to use both its Monster Effect and Pendulum Effect to recycle cards from the Extra Deck and the Graveyard.