Card Tips:Penguin Knight

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  • This card is a good card to use in your Side Deck if you come across a duelist whose strategy is to Mill your deck. Even a single copy of this card can really make things difficult for your opponent.
  • This card is ideal to select when your opponent inflicts battle damage to you with "Vampire Lord" or "Vampire Lady" and selects "monsters".
  • Use it in combination with "Nopenguin". If this card's effect is activated while you have a "Nopenguin" in your grave, all the cards in your grave will get back to the deck, but a monster will be special summoned in the opponent's turn, giving you a double line defense.
  • If you do draw this card, you can return it to your deck with "Moray of Greed" and also draw more cards. However, if your deck has very few WATER monsters, it may be better to use "Magical Mallet" and/or "Reload"
  • If you draw this card, you can use it as xyz material to summon "Number 49: Fortune Tune". Then, when Fortune Tune is removed from the field, use it to return it to the main deck along with another level 3 monster.
  • Use "Surface" to bring this card back from the grave, then use it as a tribute or for an xyz summon with another normal summoned monster.

Traditional Format[edit]