Card Tips:Phantom Skyblaster

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  • This card combos with "Shadowpriestess of Ohm". Summon "Phantom Skyblaster" with just the "Shadowpriestess" on the field to gain 2 tokens, then either tribute both the "Phantom Skyblaster" and the tokens straight away to inflict 2400 damage or wait until your next Standby Phase to inflict 900 damage (provided you are not attacked) and then tribute them for a total of 3300 damage.
    • This combo can be furthered by using "Dark Room of Nightmare" for an additional 1200 damage, totaling at 4500 damage to your opponent with just 3 cards.

Traditional Format[edit]

  • You can use "Ultimate Offering" so you can summon more monsters and use this card effect to summon more tokens.