Card Tips:Pineapple Blast

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  • Use this card with "Kaiser Colosseum" when you summon a monster and only control one monster. That way your opponent must destroy all of their monsters except for one. This combo goes great with "Dark Resonator" since in order to destroy Dark Resonator by battle, you would have to attack it twice, and if your opponent can only control one monster at a time, its virtually impossible to get through to your life points. Avoid "Double Attack" and any monsters that can attack multiple times.
  • This card works well with "Ojama Trio", dealing an extra 900 points of damage on top of destroying your opponent's monsters.
  • By summoning a monster when you have none, and your opponent has several therefore activating this card, you can then Pendulum Summon to outnumber your opponent.
  • Use this card against a swarm deck that can out a lot of monsters very quickly to give yourself a quick advantage
  • Because your opponent chooses which monsters are destroyed, they will most likely keep the best one. After using this card, activate "Creature Swap" to steal that monster.
    • Normal summon a monster you opponent won't even think to try to negate/destroy with effects like "Bottomless Trap Hole" so you can then activate this card. Then steal your opponent's monster with Creature Swap leaving them with a possible useless monster.
    • Even if you opponent negates "Cardcar D's" effect with cards like "Effect Veiler", you can still use this card and then steal one of their monsters with Creature Swap leaving them with an useless Cardcar D.
      • Even if you opponent manages to predict this strategy and decides to destroy the best monsters, they will still lose them and you can still steal the remaining one. Hopefully all the monsters were still better than the monster you planned to give them.