Card Tips:Precious Cards from Beyond

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  • This card's effect is easier to resolve in "Qli" Decks, since you can Pendulum Summon "Qli" monsters for fodder to Tribute Summon other "Qli" monsters that require 2 or more Tributes.
  • In a "Red-Eyes" Deck, this card can be used in a small Controlled Loop. Use "Return of the Red-Eyes" to summon a Normal Monster during both your and your opponent's turns, before Tribute Summoning "Yamata Dragon" to draw 2 cards during each of your turns.
  • Due to the fact that "Light and Darkness Dragon" doesn't negate the activations of already face-up Spell and Trap cards, you can activate this card before Tribute Summoning it and still draw two cards.

Traditional Format[edit]