Card Tips:Puppet Plant

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  • You can tribute the monster taken by "Puppet Plant's" effect so that it won't return to your opponent at the end of your turn.
  • This card combos perfectly with "DNA Surgery" if you are running a synchro deck or want to take control of an annoying monster your opponent has, either to attack with/use its effect and sacrifice it or synch it with a tuner on your field.
  • When you run a deck with a lot of tuners or tribute monsters you can also side this card in against Gravekeeper's. During your turn you discard it so that you have some tribute fodder for your monsters in hand.
  • This card allows access to "Arcanite Magician" against a Gravekeeper's deck. If you can keep it alive for a turn, you might be able to get rid of both of their "Necrovalley" with it.

Traditional Format[edit]