Card Tips:Ra's Disciple

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  • Activate "Double Summon", then Normal Summon this card and use its effect to Special Summon two others. Then use your second Normal Summon to Tribute Summon one of the Egyptian Gods.
  • After Special Summoning all "Ra's Disciple", use "Skill Drain" to lift their restrictions. This allows you to Tribute Summon any monster, or (perhaps more usefully) Xyz Summon a wide variety of Rank 4 Xyz Monsters, even those requiring three materials.
    • However, the Xyz Summoned monster will also have its effects negated by "Skill Drain" as well, unless you use another card to remove "Skill Drain". (This can be used to your advantage if you Summon a monster with negative effects like "Number 85: Crazy Box".)
  • Use this card to quickly get three of the four Fairy-Type monsters in the Graveyard needed to Special Summon "Archlord Kristya".
  • Give control of this card to your opponent, such as with "Creature Swap" or "Mystic Box", in order to lock down their Special Summons. They are also unlikely to be able to get rid of "Ra's Disciple" by Tributing it.
    • Give and Take can be chained to effects that let your opponent summon thus breaking their summon chain and locking them to keep summon. Just make sure they can't suicide this card against your monsters yo get rid of him on upcoming turns..
  • This card can easily get 3 monsters with the same name onto the field for "Three of a Kind".
  • This card can help fill the field for "Needle Ceiling". Then after being destroyed by Needle Ceiling, they can help fill the Graveyard for "Lightray Daedalus".
  • Due to the two other copies of itself that it Special Summons, "United We Stand" will give this card at least a 2400 ATK boost.

Traditional Format[edit]