Card Tips:Rafflesia Seduction

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  • Combine this card on an opponent's turn with "Staunch Defender". Take control your opponent's strongest monster. "Staunch Defender" will make all monsters attack the monster you took control of.
  • You can use this card with "The Dark Door", while this card is the only one able to be attacked so that your opponent cannot get your life points through battle damage
  • This card is extremely useful when sided against a "Gladiator Beast" deck. Attacking this Face-down card, the "Gladiator Beast" monster will be given control to you, use the captured monster to force a 'tag in' for yourself.
  • Combine this card with cards like "Desert Sunlight", then you won't have to wait any turn to get the control and opponent's monster. After that, you can Equip the monster with "Vengeful Servant" and wait until the End Phase

Traditional Format[edit]

  • While "Ultimate Offering" is active,during the battle phase that your opponent attacks this face down,you can use the monster taken under your control by it's effect as a sacrifices for a "Monarch", "Jinzo" or even "Dark Dust Spirit".