Card Tips:Raigeki Break

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  • This card can be combined in Decks that specialize in replenishing hand advantage when cards are discarded. Using "Ojamagic" or "Night Assailant" for the discard cost, for example, alongside such cards as "Snipe Hunter" or "XYZ-Dragon Cannon". Its flexibility in choice of targets makes up for the discard cost.
  • This card is a more versatile alternative to "Tribute to The Doomed", as the cost is the same, but it can also destroy Spell and Trap Cards; the only downside is that activation is not immediate due to it being a Trap Card, but the ability to activate in the Draw or Standby Phase essentially negates this.
  • Use this card to destroy powerful cards like "Dark Armed Dragon". This is especially useful against cards that destroy, but not negate, card effects, as it can immediately activate in response.
  • It can be a good card to use together with "Lycanthrope" because it gets 200 ATK for every Normal Monster in your Graveyard.
  • Destroy any of your face-up monsters to Special Summon a "Meklord Emperor".