Card Tips:Red Ogre

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  • Send "Ojamagic" to the Graveyard before Normal Summoning this card to clear the opponent's field.
  • Use "Degenerate Circuit" with this card's effect so the cards affected will be banish instead of going to the owner's hand.
  • You can Tribute Summon this card and send Zombies from your hand like "Mezuki" (to Special Summon another Zombie-Type monster) or a stronger monster to Special Summon it with "Book of Life" (or similar cards) and you can clear the opponent's field at the same time. Also, you can send cards like "Night Assailant" to recover a Flip Effect Monster from your graveyard.

Traditional Format[edit]

  • This card works well with "Precious Cards from Beyond". "Precious Cards from Beyond" will help fill your hand with enough cards to return enough cards to clear the opponent's field and still have enough left over to summon considering you can include "Ultimate Offering" to make the Summoning of "Red Ogre" easier.
  • Discard as many cards as possible to use "Red Ogre's" effect, then, when your opponent's cards return to his/her hand, activate "Card Destruction". You won't have anything to lose, while he/she will be forced to discard the cards that once were on the field.