Card Tips:Rocket Pilder

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  • This card can provide heavy protection for "Power Tool Dragon", usually limiting the number of Equip Spells its controller would need to destroy to keep the Monster on the Field.
  • This card is great to use with the "Gradius" monsters, as you can weaken your opponent's monsters' ATK substantially with this card.
  • Use with "Amazoness Swords Woman", to instead inflict the damage to the opponent when attacking a stronger monster.
  • When used with "Armed Samurai - Ben Kei", this card can help him tackle your opponent's toughest monsters, as well as grant him an extra attack.
  • Use this card with a monster that can attack twice. If its ATK is lower than the opponents, it can weaken it, then destroy it with the second attack.
  • Your opponent will probably be tempted to attack the equipped monster because it won't be destroyed when it attacks, so equip it to a monster that can't be attacked or is bad news to attack, such as "D.D. Warrior".
  • "Exploder Dragon" is a good target for this card, because you would not take battle damage, it would weaken your opponent's monster by 1000 per attack, and if your opponent tries to destroy it in battle, they would loose whatever monster they use to do it.
  • This card also works really well with "Rose Tentacles" "Thorn of Malice" and "Ivy Shackles" because "Ivy Shackles" turns your opponents monsters into Plant type during your turn allowing "Rose Tentacles" extra attacks for each monster on their field couple that with "Thorn of Malice" and "Rocket Pilder" you have a potential OTK on your hands