Card Tips:Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter

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  • Being a LIGHT Beast-Type monster, this can work well with "Ojama" and/or "Raccoon" monsters, particularly if the Deck contains only Beast-Type monsters, as it won't affect "Solidarity".
  • This card can combo with "Gladiator Beast" monsters. It makes a good bluff when your opponent thinks that "Gladiator Beast Hoplomus" is face-down. Also, its milling effect can be useful for when "Gladiator Beast Equeste" is used to bring them back to your hand.
    • However, since most "Gladiator Beast" Decks only run few monsters, this card will most likely mill Spell/Trap Cards rather than Monster Cards, so be careful.
  • This card can be Special Summoned by "Debris Dragon". "Debris" can be Normal Summoned to bring this card back, and if there is a "Doppelwarrior" in your hand, "Doppelwarrior" can be Special Summoned and together they can Synchro Summon a "Scrap Dragon".
  • Ironically, this card sees more play OUTSIDE of the "Lightsworn" Deck. They usually only use 1 or 2 as it is deemed too "slow". However in Decks such as Plants and "Flamvell", it sees play in three, as it fuels your Graveyard with "Dandylion" and "Spore" and provides fuel for "Rekindling".

Traditional Format[edit]