Card Tips:Secret Pass to the Treasures

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  • This card works well with "Hayabusa Knight", "Great Phantom Thief", "White Magical Hat", "Chain Thrasher" or "Destiny Hero - Double Dude".
    • An OTK can be pulled off by targeting "Spirit Ryu" with this card, if you have at least 7 Dragon-Type monsters in your hand to discard.
  • This card works well in a Rock Deck that focuses on recyclable flip summoning. You can flip summon one or more of your set monster cards and activate Secret Pass to the Treasures to attack directly, then flip the monster(s) back into face-down Defense Position.
  • You can use this card to pull of the effect of cards like "Robbin' Goblin" if your opponent has a powerful monster then use a card like "Zero Gravity" or "Spirit Barrier" to protect your life points.
  • Since the targeted monster only has to have 1000 or less ATK at this card's activation and resolution, you can equip it with cards such as "United We Stand" and "Mage Power" before starting your Battle Phase to give it a huge attack boost.