Card Tips:Serial Spell

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  • This is especially useful if this card is copies a card that lets you draw cards but has a cost, like "Trade-In" or "Cards of Consonance".
  • This card is ideal to use in an "Infernity" deck, especially in a combo with "Monster Reborn" or any other Normal Spell you might use.
  • You can inflict heavy damage by using this card with a burn card such as "Misfortune".
  • This card is very useful in toon deck to duplicate effect of "Shadow Toon to possibly inflict major damage to your opponent or to duplicate the effect of Toon Rollback to allow a Toon monster to attack directly.

Traditional Format[edit]

  • Chain this card to "Pot of Greed" to discard all your hand and get a brand new hand.
  • Use it with "Delinquent Duo" when you have 1 card in your hand, and your 3 cards will discard 4 cards from your opponent's hand.
  • Chain this to "Card Destruction". Since your hand will be empty, only your opponent will be affected by it, and will be forced to discard their hands and draw a new one twice. This combination is even more devastating when combined with "Forced Requisition".
  • You can chain this card to "Monster Reborn". The "Serial Spell" copy of "Reborn" would be able to target a monster you discarded, because discarding the hand is a cost to copy the effect.
  • Combo this card with "Pot of Avarice". Due to the whole discard for "Serial Spell", you'll be able to dump many monsters to the grave, thus being likely to activate Pot of Avarice twice. In return, there'll be a brand new hand easily.