Card Tips:Shooting Star Bow - Ceal

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  • Use this card to monsters that activate their effects when they inflict damage to your opponent's Life Points such as "Vampire Lord", "Don Zaloog", etc.
  • If you equip this card to an opponent's monster you can decrease its ATK by 1000, making it an easy kill.
  • After attacking directly, use "Equip Shot" on your opponent's monster and conduct another battle.
  • The ideal monster for this card's negative effect is "Amazoness Swords Woman", since the damage is done to the opponent.
  • You can equip Dark Flare Knight with it and Heart of Clear Water to have a monster that can attack directly, can't be destroyed by card effects that target, can't be destroyed in battle, and you take no battle damage.
  • You can equip this card to The Wicked Avatar, because its ATK cannot be changed except by its own effect.