Card Tips:Sinister Serpent

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  • "Sinister Serpent" helps with just about any discard cost.
    • Use "Sinister Serpent" combined with "Snipe Hunter" for potential free destruction each turn.
    • This card can be used to keep "Yubel" on the field long enough to evolve it into its second stage.
    • This card works very well in a "A-to-Z" Deck, due to the Fusion Monsters' discard effects.
    • This card works extremely well with "Gungnir, Dragon of the Ice Barrier", enabling its controller to use its effect at least once per turn.
    • This card can also work well in "Frog" Deck if the effect of "Swap Frog" is used.
  • Use "Sinister Serpent" in combination with "The Dark Door" to always have a monster to prevent the opponent from being able to attack directly.

Traditional Format[edit]