Card Tips:Solar Wind Jammer

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  • As this card gains 1 Level during your Standby Phase, it is possible to get 1 "Level Eater" per turn by targeting this card.
  • This card functions well in a "ZW - " Deck, as it can be used to summon "ZW - Leo Arms" in a single turn. Simply Special Summon this card using its own effect, and then Normal Summon "Gagaga Magician" and change it to Level 5. Another choice would be "Star Drawing", which can be treated as Level 5 for an Xyz Summon and allows you to draw a card if you successfully Xyz Summon.
  • To ensure this card will survive until your next Standby Phase so you can increase its Level, lay "Interdimensional Matter Transporter" when you Special Summon this card via its effect. That way, if your opponent tries to attack it while it's at half-power, you can banish it temporarily, and it'll return to the field at full-power at the end of the turn.

Traditional Format[edit]