Card Tips:Solemn Wishes

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  • Use "Solemn Wishes" with "Fairy Box" for a good defense. You gains 500 Life Points while you draw, you loses 500 points for "Fairy Box".
  • "Solemn Wishes" and "Heart of the Underdog" make a potent combination, useful for stall "Exodia" decks - you will gain another 500 Life Points for every card you draw.
  • This card, like every card that constantly increases your Life Points, is best used in conjunction with "Fire Princess".
  • Use "Solemn Wishes" with "Convulsion of Nature" and "Archfiend's Oath" to get two cards per turn by paying the 500 Life Points for the effect of "Archfiend" and guessing correctly with "Convulsion of Nature". "Solemn Wishes" gives you 500 Life Points for the normal draw, but not for "Archfiend's Oath" since it doesn't actually let you draw. However, the Life Point gain for your normal draw and the Life Point loss for "Archfiend's Oath" should cancel each other out.
  • Use with "Pot of Avarice", as you bring monsters from your graveyard into your deck and draw 2 cards.
  • This card works well when combined with "Granel", since it will gain a little ATK as your Life Points rise by this cards effect.
  • Use this card to overcome those continuously cost Life Points, such as "Messenger of Peace".
  • You can use this card in an "Aroma" Deck to increase your Life Points with each draw, which will cause the effects of "Aroma" monsters to trigger. In particular, this card works especially well with "Aromage Jasmine", which lets you draw a card when you gain Life Points.