Card Tips:Spirit Burner

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  • Combo this card with "Tragedy" to destroy your opponent's monsters.
  • This card works well with "Power Tool Dragon". If you equip this card and use "Power Tool Dragon's" effect to add another Equip Spell Card to your hand, you can protect "Power Tool Dragon" from destruction up to twice.
  • Equip this card on "Dream Clown" for it to destroy a monster once per turn.
  • This card is useful for "Infernity" decks, as it can guarantee you receive a Spell card during your Draw Phase, allowing you to set it or equip it to "Infernity Guardian" so it can attack, then move to defense once per turn.
  • Because most monsters have a higher ATK than DEF, you can equip this card to an opponent's monster to force into defense position so a weaker monster can destroy it.
  • "Vylon Delta" can works well with this card after it attack and changes battle position during Main Phase 2 and trigger it's effect during End Phase.