Card Tips:Stygian Dirge

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  • When using "Skull Lair", you can use this card to lower the number of cards you need to remove from play from your Graveyard.
  • Since Level 4 monsters are very commonly used, this card works well with cards that rely on your opponent controlling Level 3 or lower monsters, such as "Allure Queen LV3", "Nanobreaker" and "Alien Skull."
    • Combine with "Possessed Dark Soul" or "Infinite Dismissal" to either take control of your opponent's monsters or let them survive only for a single turn.
    • Combine with "Infinite Dismissal" and "Light of Intervention" to ensure an empty field during each of your turns.
      • Combine with "Vengeful Bog Spirit" to prevent them from attacking for the turn the monsters are out.
    • If you happen to get out a very strong monster, then with as many copies as you need, you can use "Level Limit - Area A" to keep your opponent vulnerable to damage; though this rather extreme taking up space when "Final Attack Orders" can do the job.