Card Tips:Sun Dragon Inti

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  • After you Synchro Summon "Moon Dragon Quilla", if "Level Eater" is in your graveyard, use its effect to select "Moon Dragon Quilla" and Special Summon "Level Eater so it becomes Level 5, then use Level 3 "Fire Ant Ascator" to Summon this card.
  • When combined with "Moon Dragon Quilla", you can prevent your opponent from attacking by using "The Dark Door".
  • While this card is in your Graveyard and you have "Moon Dragon Quilla" on the field, summon "Black Rose Dragon" and destroy all cards on the field, this card will be Special Summoned from your Graveyard, giving you a direct attack.
  • "Darkworld Shackles" can make its effect easy to pull off, just as long you have some method of preventing the damage or reversing the damage.
  • While this card and "Moon Dragon Quilla" are on the field, you can use "Dark Hole" to destroy both, then because of "Moon Dragon Quilla" "Inti" will be summoned, and then during your next Standby Phase, whether Inti has been destroyed or not, "Quilla" will return as "Inti" was destroyed. Other strategies works as well, but best performed if you have multiple copies of "Inti" and "Quilla".
  • Because this card (and "Moon Dragon Quilla") relies on its graveyard effect, it is extremely vulnerable to cards like "Bottomless Trap Hole" (Which could cripple your strategy). Use "Imperial Iron Wall" so it cannot be removed from play.

Traditional Format[edit]