Card Tips:Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight

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  • This fits into "Infernity" Decks, as the player tries to keep their hand empty.
  • This monster works pretty well in "Dark World" Decks, since you will require to discard your monsters to activate their effects, then you may Summon "Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight" with no cards into your hand.
  • During the turn you Summon this monster without Tribute and with no cards in your hand, use "Reckless Greed" to increase your Hand Advantage, though your draw power will slow down after that.
  • This is useful in an Equip Spell Deck, as you can try to empty your hand easily.
  • To be able to normal summon this card without tribute, you gotta...
    • summon other monsters by special summon.
    • remove remaining monsters from your hand i.e. as a cost for "Lightning Vortex"
    • Set/Use all Spells/Traps from your hand.