Card Tips:Telekinetic Power Well

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Traditional Format[edit]

  • The monsters you can bring back for a combo are: "Doctor Cranium", "Mind Master", "Psychic Jumper". Use "Psychic Jumper" to switch monsters ("Doctor Cranium" and your opponent's monster). Tribute "Psychic Jumper" for the effect of "Mind Master", Summoning "Reinforced Human Psychic Borg". Then attack "Doctor Cranium" with "Mind Master". That leaves no weak monsters on your side of the field. Also, you can use "Inferno Reckless Summon" to Summon three "Reinforced Human Psychic Borgs".
  • "Mind Master" can be used to Special Summon a Level 4, then that monster could be Tributed for a monster like "Storm Caller". This card can then be used to Special Summoned the Tributed monsters, in order to Synchro Summon "Hyper Psychic Blaster" using "Mind Master", "Doctor Cranium" and "Storm Caller".

Video Games (Pre-Link Era)[edit]

  • This card enables Synchro-climbing technique for Psychic Decks.
    • Example: Synchro Summon "Psychic Nightmare" with any Level 4 Psychic and Level 2 Psychic Tuner, then activate this card to bring back the Level 2 Tuner and Synchro Summon a Level 8 monster.


  • Psychic Level 2 or lower monsters that can be Special Summoned:
NameJapanese namePrimary typeSecondary typeAttributeLevelATKDEF
D.D. TeleponテレポンディーディーEffect MonsterEARTH25001800
Doctor CraniumカバリストEffect MonsterEARTH1100100
Esper Girlサイ・ガールEffect MonsterTuner monsterEARTH2500300
Kamui, Hope of Gustoガスタのぼう カムイEffect MonsterFlip monsterWIND22001000
Kozmo Scaredy LionKozmoコズモ-パーヴィッドEffect MonsterLIGHT21200500
Kozmo StrawmanKozmoコズモ-フォルミートEffect MonsterLIGHT25001800
Kozmo TincanKozmoコズモ-フェルブランEffect MonsterLIGHT100
KrebonsクレボンスEffect MonsterTuner monsterDARK21200400
Lifeforce Harmonizerライフ・コーディネイターEffect MonsterWIND2800400
Metalfoes Steelenメタルフォーゼ・スティエレンNormal Monster
Pendulum Monster
Mind MasterメンタルマスターEffect MonsterTuner monsterLIGHT1100200
Myutant M-05けんたいミュートリアM-05Effect MonsterWATER20500
Myutant MutantへんたいミュートリアEffect MonsterWATER100
PSY-Framegear AlphaPSYサイフレームギア・αアルファEffect MonsterTuner monsterLIGHT15000
PSY-Framegear BetaPSYサイフレームギア・βベータEffect MonsterTuner monsterLIGHT17000
PSY-Framegear DeltaPSYサイフレームギア・δデルタEffect MonsterTuner monsterLIGHT212000
PSY-Framegear EpsilonPSYサイフレームギア・εイプシロンEffect MonsterTuner monsterLIGHT215000
PSY-Framegear GammaPSYサイフレームギア・γガンマEffect MonsterTuner monsterLIGHT210000
Psi-Beastサイキック・ビーストEffect MonsterEARTH2700500
Psi-Reflectorサイキック・リフレクターEffect MonsterTuner monsterDARK1400300
Psychic Aceサイコ・エースEffect MonsterDARK210000
Psychic JumperサイコジャンパーEffect MonsterTuner monsterEARTH21001500
Psychic Roverサイコ・ローヴァーEffect MonsterDARK20700
Raremetalfoes Bismugearレアメタルフォーゼ・ビスマギアPendulum Monster
Effect Monster
Re-Coverリ・バイブルEffect MonsterTuner monsterEARTH1700300
Ritual Beast Tamer Elderれいじゅう使つかいのちょうろうEffect MonsterWIND22001000
Ritual Beast Tamer Laraれいじゅう使つかい レラEffect MonsterWIND11002000
Time Escaperタイム・エスケーパーEffect MonsterEARTH2500100
TrancefamiliarトランスファミリアEffect MonsterDARK100
Winda, Priestess of Gustoガスタの ウィンダEffect MonsterWIND21000400