Card Tips:Temple of the Sun

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  • This card is useful in a Zombie and Felgrand-variant Dragon Deck because you will always be Special Summoning from your Graveyard.
  • This card is also useful for "Dark World", since a good portion of it relies on Special Summons.
  • Pair this with "Stardust Dragon" and its "Assault Mode counterpart". This helps alleviates one of the former's flaws, which has a low ATK, while strengthening the latter into a monstrous powerhouse.
  • Remember that the effects are cumulative for multiple copies. By having two copies of this card on the field, your revived monsters gain 600 ATK, and by having 3, your monsters gain 900 ATK. This, coupled with a revival swarm, and two copies of the "Burden of the Mighty" card can overwhelm your opponent quickly. Just remember to leave some space for Traps in case of an emergency.
  • Use this card with "Athena" to bring back multiple Fairy-Type monsters each with 300 more ATK.
  • Use with "Dragon Queen of Tragic Endings". Not only will it aid in summoning and re-summoning her, it will also give her a 300 ATK boost when she summons herself from the graveyard, boosting her rather weak ATK.