Card Tips:The Seal of Orichalcos

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  • While controlling two or more monsters with the same original ATK, this card will prevent the opponent from declaring an attack, whatsoever.
  • Cards like "Magic Deflector" or "World Suppression" can be used to negate this card's negative effects during the turn it is activated; however, it would be vulnerable against effects that would destroy it.
  • In a "Watt" Deck, this card can protect "Watthopper" from being attacked, which in turn protects other "Watt" monsters.
  • Against a Deck that heavily relies on Special Summoning monsters and Field Spell Cards, this card can be given to the opponent with "Set Rotation", so that they wil be unable to use another Field Spell Card and if they choose to activate this card, those Special Summoned monsters will be destroyed.