Card Tips:Thermal Genex

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  • An alternate method of summoning this card quickly is to use "Instant Fusion" to summon "Flame Swordsman", then tune him with "Genex Controller".
  • Thanks to this card's summoning requirements, there will be at least a 200 ATK boost to its ATK when it is summoned. Unfortunately, there are only two FIRE-Attribute "Genex" monsters (not including this one), "Genex Furnace" and "R-Genex Magma", so in order to maximize this monster's ATK, a hybrid Deck composed of "Genex" monsters and other FIRE-attribute monsters may be preferable.
  • Try to get as many "Genex" monsters in your graveyard so you can do a lot of burn damage. The "Genex" archetype has plenty of monsters to help you do that, like "Genex Undine", "Genex Searcher", etc.