Card Tips:Twin Photon Lizard

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  • By doing a Normal Summon of "Photon Sabre Tiger" you can search another. Then you can either use both "Sabre Tigers" or use another "Photon" monster in your hand, fuse them and Tribute this card. This way, you get at least two 2000 ATK monsters with little cost.
  • By doing a Normal Summon of "Photon Sabre Tiger" (to search another copy), and fusing it with "Photon Satellite" in hand, you can play "Starliege Lord Galaxion", activate its second effect, getting you "Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon" from the Deck and have your card count reduced by only 1.
  • During your turn if you have two "Photon" monsters, for extra damage in your Battle Phase, you can use "Flash Fusion" to Special Summon this card for a potential third attack or you can fuse your monsters as a chain to protect them. Instead of getting this card destroyed at your End Phase as a drawback from "Flash Fusion", Tribute it to get your monsters back.
  • By using 2 "Photon Lizard" in the hand you can Xyz Summon anything from Rank 3 to 5, although it's -2 in hand count but you get good Xyz options
  • You can use the "Photon Tokens" that are Special Summoned from the effect of "Photon Sanctuary" as Fusion Material Monsters for this card. However, doing so will render this card's effect useless, as Tokens do not go to the Graveyard.
  • Fuse this card with any 1 "Photon" monster and a "Photon Lizard", then Tribute it to Special Summon them. Then, Tribute "Photon Lizard" for its effect and activate "Super Rejuvenation", drawing 2 cards.