Card Tips:VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult Cannon

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  • This card can only banish 1 card your opponent controls per turn. If your opponent controls many cards, particularly face-downs in their Spell & Trap Zone, the effect of "XYZ-Dragon Cannon" may be used to destroy as many as possible before Summoning this card. The upside to this card though, is that it does not require a discard cost.


  • A combination of "Fiend Comedian", "Beckoning Light" and "Ultimate Offering" can allow for relative ease of Summoning this card.
    • If you call "Fiend Comedian" right it disrupts the opponent's Graveyard (as well as setting up the continuous effect of "Armed Dragon Catapult Cannon" if you are using it). While the incorrect effect will let you send the "V-Z" monsters to the Graveyard. The monsters can then be recovered with "Beckoning Light" and Summoned using "Ultimate Offering".
    • Note: This combination requires 5 cards in hand and 2000 LP.
  • Try using the "Mind Master" loop along with "Ultimate Offering".