Card Tips:Van'Dalgyon the Dark Dragon Lord

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  • This card works well with most of the "Counter Fairy" cards because most of them have to do with Counter Trap Cards.
  • If you have this card and another monster in your hand you want to Summon (such as "Voltanis the Adjudicator"), "Divine Wrath" makes this quite easy. By discarding the monster you want this card to Summon for "Divine Wrath"'s cost, you can negate the effect of one of your opponent's monsters (such as a "Monarch" or "Light and Darkness Dragon)", Summon this card, and then use its effect to Summon the monster you discarded.
  • If you chain with "Vanity's Call", then you can Summon this card and activate more than one of its effects depending on the cards that were negated in the Chain.
  • "Solemn Warning" is the best card to use with this card because it can negate any effect that Summons a monster, which lets you use any one of its secondary effects depending on the card that's negated.

Traditional Format[edit]