Card Tips:Vengeful Bog Spirit

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  • Combo this with The Dark Door for an effective stall out strategy. 
  • This card can stop Spirit monsters from attacking and completely stall that deck, since they can't stay on the Field for a long time and many of their effects activate upon inflicting Battle Damage.
    • Counter this card with "Yaksha".
  • This card works well with "Venom Swamp", as it guarantees your opponent's monsters will be significantly weakened by the time they are able to attack.
  • Use this card in a "Toon" Deck: most Toon monsters won't be affected by this card.
  • In a "Umi" Deck, you might use "The Legendary Fisherman" together with "A Legendary Ocean", due to the fact that he won't be affected by this card. In addition, "Fisherman" will never be targeted by an attack due to his effect.
    • You would also Summon "Deepsea Warrior" and "Mermaid Knight" in order to employ severe Beatdown ("Mermaid Knight" will be affected by either this card and "Legendary Ocean" but may attack twice)
  • This card is very effective against a "Cyber Dragon" deck, because if your opponent activates "Power Bond" he/she will take damage before the monster may attack.
  • Use Armored Bee to weaken the monsters your opponent summons. Bog Spirit will prevent your foe from attacking Bee initially.