Card Tips:Vice Dragon

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  • If you Summoned this card without Tribute, and then "Skill Drain" is later activated, the ATK and DEF are no longer halved. If "Skill Drain" is later destroyed, the ATK and DEF still remain at 2000 and 2400.
  • This card can be used as an alternative to "Cyber Dragon" for the purposes of tribute fodder or a quick Synchro Summon. Since you will usually summon this when you have less cards on the field than your opponent, you may wish to Synchro Summon "Black Rose Dragon" to clear the field.
    • You can use this card instead of "Cyber Dragon" if your Synchro monsters require DARK or Dragon-type monsters to be Synchro Summoned, things that "Cyber Dragon" isn't.
  • Dragon Decks often require tribute fodder, and using this card (rather than "Cyber Dragon") allows you to use "Solidarity" or other Dragon support cards:
    • If you special summon this card, then activate "A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon", you can simply special summon it again after it returns to your hand.
    • This card will work well with "Strong Wind Dragon", giving it an automatic ATK increase of 1000 after you tribute "Vice Dragon".
    • You can also Tribute it for "Tiger Dragon" so you can use "Tiger Dragon's" effect
  • This cards works well with "Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon" by filling in the need for a Dragon to be banished to Special Summon "Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon" if you don't have another lower level Dragon to normal summon. If "Vice Dragon" is used this way, it also saves you a Normal Summon.
  • If you Special Summon this card and use "Inferno Reckless Summon", you can Special Summon another two copies of it from your Deck or Graveyard.
    • This will not only give you 3 monsters with a total of 5000 attack points, but also making Xyz summoning Rank 5 monsters easier, combining at least 2 of them, leaving you one copy of this card left over with 2000 attack.
  • When you summon this card without a Tribute, it can be used for the activation cost of "Crush Card Virus".