Card Tips:Vision HERO Trinity

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  • This card is good for dropping your opponent's Life Points fast since it can be a 5000-ATK Triple Attacker.
  • Because of its effect, this card alone is enough to cause an OTK without any extra cards, if this card attacks monster(s) with 2300 ATK or less three times.
    • Use cards such as "Half Shut" or "Mist Body" to create a continuous target for this card to attack. This also works by giving your opponent control of a monster that cannot be destroyed by battle, such as "Arcana Force 0 - The Fool" or "Marshmallon".
    • Use with cards that can deal additional damage or increase the ATK of this card, to reduce the number of monsters you need to attack for the OTK.
    • To increase the odds of a OTK, give your opponent monsters that you can attack, via "Nightmare Archfiends", "Ojama Trio", "Creature Swap" or "Shien's Spy".
    • It is also useful to use cards that change battle positions, such as "Final Attack Orders". Cards that can give this card Piercing, such as "H - Heated Heart", are also effective.
    • For example, you could set Chewbone a turn prior to when you Fusion Summon this card, then flip it face-up to put three tokens with 100 ATK on your opponent's field, then activate Final Attack Orders. This way, this card can conduct its maximum number of attacks on its fist turn minus 100 small ATK points compared to its 5000.
  • Note that if you Fusion Summon this card, even after its ATK reverts to 2500, it can still attack 3 times.
  • An easy OTK using this card is: Clear your opponent's Spell and Trap zone with anything and Fusion Summon this card. Then, activate both "All-Out Attacks" and "Ojama Trio" and attack the Ojama Tokens for a total of 15900 points of damage. ((2500*2)*3+(300*3)=15900)
       * This could disrupt Pendulum Summons at the same time.
  • If "Elemental HERO Divine Neos" was Fusion Summoned, activate its effect and banish this card. "Elemental HERO Divine Neos" will gain this card's effects, and thus will be able to attack 3 times during that turn.
  • Use this card with "Evil HERO Dark Gaia". Dark Gaia will switch all your opponent's monsters to Attack Position (preventing Flip Effects). Attack with Trinity first, then attack the remaining monsters, if any, or thier life points, if any remain, with the rest of your monsters.

"Vision HERO" Monsters[edit]

  • Unlike other "HERO" Fusion Monsters, the "Vision HERO" Fusion Monsters can be resurrected by cards such as "Monster Reborn" because they don't have the "This card cannot be Special Summoned except by Fusion Summon" clause.