Card Tips:Volcanic Doomfire

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  • Use this card with "Final Attack Orders" so that all of your opponent's monsters are in Attack Position so that they have to attack "Volcanic Doomfire" if they enter the Battle Phase. Using "Battle Mania" to force your opponent to attack this card will also work very well.
  • This card is an excellent choice for "White Veil". Whether it attacks or is attacked, and the opponent's Monster is destroyed, their entire field will be Nuked, allowing any other Monsters you control to attack with no risk of danger.
  • Use this card with "Final Attack Orders" and "Light of Intervention", so that all of your opponent's monsters will be in face-up Attack position all the time.
  • You can quickly Summon this card in 1 turn, providing you have both the necessary Spell cards and this card in your hand. Simply activate "Blaze Accelerator" then right after that, send the activated Blaze Accelerator to the Graveyard to activate "Tri-Blaze Accelerator", then send the activated Tri-Blaze Accelerator to Special Summon Volcanic Doomfire.
    • You can even do this in your first turn.
    • "Blaze Accelerator Reload" is a better alternative to the above method as it requires fewer cards to bring "Doomfire" out, although it cannot be done in your first turn.
  • Normal Summon "D.D. Guide" in Attack Postion, giving control of it to your opponent in the process. Then activate "Mesmeric Control" so that "Guide" stays in Attack Position.
  • Attacking isn't necessary with this card under all circumstances. If you suspect that your opponent has one or more Traps set up to counter attacking monsters, you can simply allow the lesser "Volcanic" monsters to inflict effect damage to your opponent each turn--this card's effect will generally prevent them from being attacked.
  • Using "Canyon" and "DNA Surgery" to change this card into a Rock-Type monster. Then, use "Battle Mania" to force your opponent's monsters to attack this card and activate "D2 Shield" to increase this card's DEF, reducing the chance of this card's destruction and further increasing the damage "Canyon" will inflict. Use "An Unfortunate Report" to create the possibility of a One Turn Kill.
  • Equipping "Big Bang Shot" to this card will enable it to deal Piercing damage to your opponent's life points, while granting it an extra 400 ATK.