Card Tips:Watthopper

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  • Use "Starlight Road" for added protection, making your "Watt" monsters close to unstoppable.
  • Use "Pixie Ring" to protect this card while stalling to brings out another "Watt" monster, preferably the ones that can attack directly so you can deal damage easily.
  • You can use "Mist Body" on this card to prevent it from being destroyed by battle, making your other "Watt" Monsters a very dangerous force
  • You can use "Heart of Clear Water" on this card to prevent it from being destroyed in battle, while adding another layer of defense in the fact that it stays protected by targeting effects.
  • If you have another face up "Watthopper" you can protect not only your other "Watt" monsters from being targeted card effects, but also not get targeted by attacks. By doing this you have locked your opponent from attacking and targeting your "Watt" monsters. Use "Starlight Road" to further prevent your opponent from using effects that may disrupt this combo by destroying all monsters at once such as "Black Rose Dragon", "Lightning Vortex" and "Dark Hole". Your opponent will then have very little chance to fight back.

Traditional Format[edit]