Card Tips:Wattwoodpecker

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  • Turn your opponent's monsters to DEF position with "Enemy Controller" or similar cards, then attack them with this.
    • Change your opponent's strong monster (e.g. "Judgment Dragon") to defense position and attack it with this card. Then they can't change it back to attack mode.
  • Active "Waboku", then this card won't be destroyed by battle and you will receive no damage when attacking a stronger monster.
  • "Honest" can be useful to destroy your opponent's strongest monsters and inflict more damage by attacking a second time through its effect.
  • "Wattcube" gives "Wattwoodpecker" a permanent 1000 atk boost with the ability to attack twice per turn.
  • Use "Wattkey" to inflict direct damage twice. Adding equip cards and several "Wattcine's" will give you a very large advantage over your opponent. However, attacking directly, your opponent will still be able to change their battle positions.
    • You can also perform an FTK (provided you go second) with the right cards: This card,

"Wattkey" to attack directly, 3 "Wattcubes" to power it up to 4000 ATK, and a "Heavy Storm" to clear out any of your opponent's back row.

Traditional Format[edit]