Card Tips:Woodborg Inpachi

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  • You can use "Machine Duplication" with "Woodborg Inpachi". "Shield & Sword" can be used to give them all 2500 ATK and if you are lucky, you can use "Limiter Removal" to have 3 "Woodborg Inpachis" with 5000 "ATK". This strategy also works well with "Aqua Chorus". You can also use "Delta Attacker" to allow all three to attack directly.
    • Alternatively, you can perform an OTK by using "Machine Duplication" on "Woodborg Inpachi", use "Shield & Sword", THEN use "Ojama Trio", and finally "Final Attack Orders". Since "Ojama Trio" have no ATK and were summoned after "Shield & Sword" is used, it's essentially a direct attack for all three "Woodborg Inpachis". The extra damage done by "Ojama Trio" make it just enough to form an OTK. This combo is much easier to pull off than the above, as it's usable as a backup in Ultimate Tyranno OTK decks.
  • You can Special Summon this monster with "Turbo Synchron" in order to Synchro Summon easily "Turbo Warrior" or another level 6 Synchro monster or have it in Defense Position.
  • This card works perfectly with "Limit Reverse". Special summon this monster then use any tuner with a level of 1-3 for an easy synchro summon of a synchro monster levels 6-8.
  • You can Special Summon this card using "Debris Dragon".
  • Use this card as a synchro material for the summoning of Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon so you can special summon it during your next standby phase.

Traditional Format[edit]