Card Trivia:Ally of Justice Catastor

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  • As with other "Ally of Justice" Synchro Monsters, an "Ally Mind" can be seen embedded in the head as an eye. Ironically, it can't be used to Synchro Summon this card unless its Level is decreased, since both cards are Level 5 (in the same fashion as "Quickdraw Synchron" and "Junk Warrior").
    • However, according to the Duel Terminal storyline, "Catastor" was created before "Ally Mind" – the object appearing in the artwork of "Catastor" might be a prototype or precursor to "Ally Mind". This may explain why the two monsters share the same Level.
  • "Catastor" could be a play on the word "catastrophe" considering its powerful destruction effect.
  • In the artwork for "Mist Valley Thunder Lord", it is carrying the head of "Catastor", implying that it defeated "Catastor". In the context of the actual card game, this would be impossible as "Thunder Lord" cannot beat "Catastor" normally due the effect of "Catastor" that automatically destroys any non-DARK monster.
    • This defeat of "Catastor" appears in the artwork of "Mind Polutant", where "Fabled Raven" was controlling "Thunder Lord".
  • This card was illegal to play in TCG tournaments following its initial North American release in Duel Terminal - Preview Wave 2. This was because the Duel Terminal Preview sets were made as a special release for Comic Con in August 2009, and was only available in extremely limited quantities. "Catastor" wasn't officially released until Hidden Arsenal came out in November of the same year, after which it was legal to use.